Your Wildest Dream
The iconic Ford Mustang is constantly improving, now introducing a bold new interpretation of America's legendary pony car. The Ford Mustang hits the road running with a sleek, agile body designed for performance.
NOTE: Image shown is overseas model
Refined Design for Best Aerodynamics
Designers were challenged to improve Mustang's aerodynamics, while giving it an aggressive, energetic stance. Painstakingly sketched and sculpted, its form was relentlessly refined. Fastback or convertible, the all-new Mustang is a marvel of engineering. The stunning result of form and function flowing seamlessly together. A world-class design. Ready to be unleashed on the world.
NOTE: Image shown is overseas model
Life Should Be Easy
So we've made yours a little easier. Smart Keyless Entry with Push Button Start lets you get in and start your Mustang with less effort. While MyKey™ technology helps younger drivers keep their minds on the road. We can't find your keys for you, but as long as you have the key fob on you, you're ready to go. Smart Keyless Entry allows you to unlock the driver's door with a touch of the handle. To start her up, put your foot on the brake or clutch, press the START/STOP button and you're away.
Sophisticated Functionality
Talks the Talk
Choose from 4 modes: Normal, Sport+, Track, and Snow/ Wet. Each one activates predefined powertrain and chassis calibrations suited to that particular driving situation. SYNC® 3 is a fully integrated, voice activation system that lets you use your favourite devices while your hands stay on the wheel, and your eyes stay on the road. When it's time to hit the track do it in style with Mustang's Track Apps suite. The system gives you feedback on what your car is doing, how it's performing, and most important, how you're performing.
Handles Like A Dream
Sudden manoeuvres. Heavy traffic. Challenging road and weather conditions. The all-new Mustang offers sophisticated handling technologies that help you maintain control, so your drive can be more carefree. Mustang's advanced braking system distributes brake force between front and rear wheels, and prevents wheels from locking. The result? Peace of mind, while you enjoy Mustang's pinned-to-your-seat power. An advanced brake lineup brings Mustang to a stop faster than you can say, “Whoa-boy!” Greater handling when you need it most. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control System (TCS) work together to understand changing road conditions and your responses.
Fast, Powerful and Smooth
Mustang masters the art of exhilaration with two feats of engineering genius. Discover a heart of pure power with the mighty 5.0L V8 engine. You'll hear it in the roar, feel it in the torque, experience it in the acceleration. Quite simply, it's the stuff of legends. If you're into reducing fuel consumption, the twin-scroll turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost engine is your dream ride. It delivers thrilling power and torque with superb economy. What more proof do you need?

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