• Ford Fiesta EcoBoost
    Ford Fiesta EcoBoost

Common Sense Prevails

25 June 2014

When any governement makes a decsision regarding safety on our roads, typically its a cause for celebration for all fully licenced drivers. Why fully licenced drivers? As we are all aware, any restrictions limiting the driving behaviours of road users, will be directed towards P-Platers, and probably for a good reason. As was the case for the NSW government, regulating the use of turbo chargers in P-Plater's cars. Yep, at the time, definatley a common sense call. If you dont beleieve me, drive a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo and tell me that a P-Plater should be allowed to drive one, BLOODY FAST!

Things have changed now, Ford has taken a tiny engine and found a way to make it both fuel effecient and powerful enough to rival a 1.8L. We call it the EcoBoost Engine and its amazing. But technically, due to the turbo charger P-Platers were excluded from driving it, all 92kWs. We compare this to a regular XR6 Falcon with 195kWs and P-Plate legal. Dont get me wrong, the XR6 isnt a dangerous car by any stretch, but when comparing it to a Fiesta with an Ecoboost engine, most parents would prefer that their children drive a Fiesta. 

The NSW goverment has began making the change and following in Victoria's footsteps, creating a power to weight ratio for all cars with turbo charges. 

Common Sense Prevails

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