The New Mustang’s Finer Details

18 February 2014

When it comes to the new Mustang which is still two years away, an extremely large amount of content in the form of reviews, opinions and praise has been sent into the cloud for the world to read. Which is fantastic because I can’t remember a car that has caused so much excitement and carried such a ‘WOW factor’ aura? If any other model of car had this much attention, well, it would be simply flogging a dead horse (pun intended). The Mustang is just that cool.

In the motor world, all the who’s who in the auto blogging business are talking about the safety features, the sexy exterior, the launch control and the 2.3 litre turbo EcoBoost engine. Which don’t get me wrong, all piece together beautifully to create one truly awesome machine, but I believe it’s the smaller details that have created the extensive hype around the new Mustang and why it is so cool.

I direct your attention to the image above, which yes, may seem like just an ordinary interior shot, but which actually depicts my favourite part of the new Mustang, the simplicity of the hard switches that operate the traction control and other driving dynamics. Imagine if you have just found yourself on an old abandoned runway, your getting ready to inject as much petrol into the engine as possible with nothing but smooth open tarmac ahead of you, but you need to read the manual to see how to turn off the traction control. In the new Mustang, just flip the switch and just try and stop yourself from smiling.

As the days continue to diminish until the big date is upon us in 2015. Auto bloggers and City Ford Zetland will continue to find new and exciting features in the new Mustang that we can continue to rave about, such as the unconfirmed ‘burn-out control.’ If Ford releases this, you will be the first to know.


By Harry @ City Ford Zetland   

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