The ultimate offroad ute is coming to Australia in 2018 in the form of the Ford Ranger Raptor. This vehicle is currently undergoing testing in outback Australia and it looks more like a contender for the Paris to Dakar Rally than an offroad ute which will soon be gracing our Sydney roads. Details for the vehicle are still being finalised but The Ford Ranger Raptor will be a performance ute like nothing ever seen in Australia before. Well, nothing legal to drive on our roads anyway.

In addition to a unique look both for the outside and interior, the Ford Ranger Raptor will have uniquely tuned components and engineered to deliver the kind of thrills we have not seen since the last XR8 Ute left the building but this time those thrills are being delivered 4×4.

Perhaps you already own a Ford Ranger and it’s coming up to end of lease and you are contemplating a replacement (but not really seeing anything of interest) or perhaps you like the look of the Ford Ranger but wish it had a little more something under the hood…. we invite you to REGISTER YOUR INTEREST and be the first to receive updates as they are released in the coming months leading up to launch.

As of today’s announcement, 2018 is only 16 weeks and 3 days away which will be gone in the blink of an eye so register now and get the inside track on the most exciting 4×4 Ford have ever released.

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