As a Tradie, you need the best tool for the job right? The ultimate van for tradies is here.

The Ford Transit Custom offers up a whole host of smart features to take your mobile office to a whole new level. Up front, Transit’s roomy cab space makes light work of your paperwork and provides a cocoon of comfort for a little you time between jobs.

Like all Ford Transits, the Transit Custom has durability in its DNA which is good for you because no matter how demanding your workload, Ford Transit will have your back. It’s reliability is legendary. This is a van that outlasted the Energiser bunny so you know it’s the right tool for the job and a powerful new diesel engine is redefining industry benchmarks for efficiency.

Designed to car-like standards, the Transit Custom offers comfort and drivability levels almost as high as any modern SUV so the only issue you are going to have as you drive around between job sites is you may not want to leave. Which brings us to the mobile office side of things.

OK, so you are great with your hands, but that may not include typing on a tiny screen. Which is why Ford introduced the voice-activated connectivity system which lets you easily keep connected with your next customer or potential client….and what better way to get the deal than to have quality comms with the people that matter most to your business.

But it’s not all about work! You’ve got Hands Free Phone and Music…Just say the words and SYNC™4 will bring up your favourite station or music from your phone while your hands stay safely on the wheel and your eyes on the road ready for evasive action. The roads are a crazy place and Ford Transit makes it all much, much better.

Meanwhile, in the back, loadspace has been maximised. Towing capability has been optimised. Storage and stowing features are impressive. There is a sealed load floor liner with 8 tie downs with the tough vinyl floor covering rises 100mm up the sides. This allows the floor to be washed and cleaned quicker than you can say ’weekend party bus?’

Your new Ford Transit Custom could fit a crocodile with all the trimmings, several if you stack ‘em nicely. That and all your tools, so you can tackle the toughest jobs with confidence.

When the others say size doesn’t matter, that’s because it’s hard to compete with a 3-metre load length with load-through bulkhead. Yes, you read it correctly – the Transit Custom can carry up to 3-metre long items.  Great for those lengths of timber or a very tall apprentice.

And then there is the towing. So you’ve got jobs all around the country.  All good! From -40°C at 4,500-metre altitudes to towing fully-laden trailers in 50°C heat, your Transit Custom makes it all seem so easy. Depress the accelerator, tell Sync to give up the tunes and sit on back in awe of Transit Custom’s ability to tow up to 2,500kg while whistling a happy tune.  The impressive pulling power is coupled with a range of safety features to help keep you and your trailer secure. From Hill Launch Assist to Trailer Sway Control, you can tow with confidence and enjoy a rewarding drive. Particularly if what you are towing is a caravan or boat and work is rained out for a week. Sensational!

Of course we are going to recommend you take the optional City Pack Reverse Camera for a wide-angle view behind the vehicle to help you see what – or who – is behind you when reversing. Nothing like a set of eyes in the back of your head on a job site. Nothing wrong with that at all!

With finance packages to suit most budgets, we invite you to get in touch and make Ford Transit Custom yours today. You even get a choice of colours. Practical white or stylish silver.  You can’t go wrong!

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