No need to wait for Google’s automated driving systems because you can have an automated car from Ford today… Ok, not completely automated but once you have experienced adaptive cruise, your long commute will become a pleasure! No longer a feature solely for long distance travelling this bit of ingenuity reads the traffic ahead, managing your speed and distance accordingly so you can sit back and enjoy listening to your favourite radio program or podcast.

While convenience is a great benefit of automated driving systems, safety is an unseen benefit that dramatically lowers your risk of having an accident due to driver error. The the blind spot information system (BLIS) gives you a whole new ‘set of eyes’ to makes lane changing safer for you and other motorists – particularly venerable vehicles such as motorcycles.

Atop your windscreen the built in sensor for light detection and ranging (lidar) gives you active city stop. With a 10m scanning area it is designed to help avoid rear-end collision and will automatically apply the brakes in the blink of an eye.

Already a driver’s favourite giving you hands free access to your phone, music and navigation SYNC also has your back if the unthinkable happens by automatically using your paired phone to call emergency services in the event of a serious collision. SYNC is prompted to call for help by the shut down of the fuel pump or activation of the airbags but Ford helps you avoid less serious bingles too.  Parking sensors surround the car and rear reverse camera on most new Ford models mean you are highly unlikely to ever damage the paintwork while carrying out slow speed maneuvers. In fact, several new Ford cars can actually park themselves! Ta da!

So let’s talk passive safety. Move over Superman -bring on boron steel. Four times stronger than normal high strength steel, the aerospace industry has inspired the ultra high strength product which is also much lighter and thinner creating complex shapes. The results? Greater resistance and safety for you and your passengers by welding boron steel into key areas such as pillars, bumpers and door intrusion beams.

At the forefront of innovation, Ford continues to deliver cutting edge engineering to create a dynamic and safer on road experience. Call in today for a personal tour of some of the latest vehicle automation features of your next new Ford.

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