New Vehicle Sales

  • If you are undecided on whether to purchase a new vehicle, we can offer an individual comparison of servicing costs, insurance costs and maintenance costs to assist in making your decision easier.
  • Business buyers have immediate access to the substantial discounts included on all Ford vehicles, regardless of how many cars you are buying or what brand of car you may currently own. These discounts represent the bonuses that only an ABN buyer can receive, and consequently are applied on top of the best possible deal that a private buyer could achieve.
  • If you are prefer a unique look for your vehicle(s) we can do almost anything to make your new car stand out from the traffic. From custom decals, wheels and accessories to a complete respray to match your corporate colours, we will make it happen. We will even shop around to get you the best price, keeping your overall costs down.
  • Blue Fleet buyers (1-4 vehicles) receive 1 year of standard roadside assistance.
  • You will also gain access to the City Ford benefits program, in which you can receive special offers and service bonuses.
  • If you are eligible for the Ford Gold Fleet (25+ cars) we can assist you in gaining an upgrade on your status to ‘Platinum’, for the maximum discounts on every Ford vehicle.
  • To keep your car looking new, business buyers receive discounted rates on our paint, rust and interior protection packs.
  • Our sales team are always happy to answer any technical questions that have either face to face or via email, we are here to help.

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