The Ford EcoSport is a pocket size SUV that delivers the benefits of a high and commanding driving position without the usual SUV trade-offs. While the Ford EcoSport usually likes to fly under the radar, people are starting to notice this fun loving Ford SUV which shines in so many areas larger SUVs simply can’t compete.

Parking and Maneuverability
Most SUV owners revel in a spacious, even cavernous interior – families in particular need a lot of room – but if you want a high viewing position over motorists, but don’t want to feel like you are driving a behemoth, put the Ford EcoSport on your ‘test drive’ list because this car is sensational in an urban environment.
Because it’s so small, the EcoSport weighs a fraction of a normal SUV  which makes it a cinch to park, ultra zippy and super maneuverable in challenging traffic.

Most SUV’s could not really be described as sporty but the Ford EcoSport wears the badge proudly. The EcoSport Trend in particular has a throaty little 1.0L power-house under the bonnet which was named engine of the year three years running. Yes, you read correctly – it’s  only a 1.0L engine yet there is a reason this little motor is so highly regarded. Dab on the  accelerator and get ready to smile. The Eco Sport is willing AND able and best of all, it feels much faster than it actually is so you can have fun while saving fuel and the points on your license.

Someone once said ‘Less is More’ and in context of the EcoSport, this saying is quite apt. Less fuel used, less money spent on tires, on servicing. It’s even less car to wash – a real win on Saturday mornings!
Finally, the Eco Sport is less in the one area that really, really counts. Price! You can buy this car brand new for well under $25k and that is with all the great Ford tech including ‘Sync’ and all the safety too, it’s a bargain!

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