The new Ford Everest has been spotted undergoing testing at Ford’s You Yang proving ground outside Geelong. This isn’t a new practice for Ford Australia, as the current model Ford Ranger, the Territory and the Falcon all underwent development at You Yang. What is interesting with the Everest being spotted at the proving ground, is that the Toyota Prado was also sighted going head to head with the Everest in a series of stress tests and comparisons.

The Toyota Prado’s involvement at You Yang signifies that Ford Australia has every intention of challenging the current 4X4 champion in a race to be the nation’s number one off-road wagon. In my own opinion, it’s about time a manufacturer took the battle to Toyota, with the Prado enjoying the view from the top of the sales figures for an unprecedented duration.

Ford has engineered the Everest with the technological capacity to upstage the Prado. With inclusions such as independent rear springs in contrast to the Ranger’s leaf suspension and the multi-mode 4WD also known as the ‘Terrain Management System,’ that alters driving settings to cater for either ice, mud, sand, ruts or normal road conditions.

As the details on the Everest are still relatively premature, in the months leading up to the 2015 launch, more information will circulate and City Ford will inform you as soon as we know.

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