If you are trying to decide whether to buy a Ford Focus or a Ford Fiesta this little article will hopefully help. Essentially, the choice comes down to two main criteria, space, value for money and fun factor! Read on to find out which Ford makes the best sense for you.

It will probably come as no surprise that the Ford Focus’ biggest competitor is it’s spritely little brother the Ford Fiesta. Customers buying either model will invariably end up weighing up one against the other. The Ford Focus is bigger, the Ford Fiesta is zippier and a more lively drive. Which one is best for you will depend on what you need from your new Ford.
Round 1: Space

The Ford Focus is obviously the bigger car and offers plenty of room for people who want a bit more space. It is the perfect car for singles, young family or folks who have grown up children are are downsizing from a larger car and want a Ford that is easier to drive and easy to park (The Ford Focus Titanium can actually park itself).

The Ford Fiesta has less room than the Focus but it’s a nice kind of cosy. Like the feeling  you get when you are getting a hug from someone you love. For some, small is better and the Fiesta is a great kind of small. That said, if you have young children and a stroller, you are going to want the Focus.

Round 2: Fun Factor

Both the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta are fun cars to drive but when it comes to the Fiesta might just have the edge. In the ST variant, many reviews have been written lauding the fun factor of the punchy little 1.6l Ford Fiesta and for good reason. The Fiesta handles like it is on rails and while the Focus ST is the faster car (thanks to it’s larger 2l turbo charged engine), the Fiesta ST, somehow feels faster.

In the standard models, the differences in drivability are less pronounced. That said, the LZ Focus Trend is a more settled drive – the best way to describe this is that it seems more ‘easy going’. Where the Fiesta S is like a precocious (but loveable) niece or nephew. It demands your attention but it’s lots of fun. The Focus is a bit more grown up and happy to let you settle back and enjoy your latte while you drive along.

Round 3: Technology

Henry Ford would be proud of the amazing technology in even the Ford companies baby Fiesta. The Ford Fiesta is one of the most affordable cars in Australia but it is so packed with technology, it is also one of the smartest and safest cars on the road.  That said, the Ford Focus has the edge on its little brother when it comes to bang for buck technology. The new LZ Ford Focus base model is now the ‘Trend’ which comes standard with Ford’s new Sync 2 which allows you to control aspects of the entertainment system, telephone and the included satellite navigation using your voice.

The bottom line

If you are most interested in value for money, the new LZ Ford Focus can presently be brought from $23990 drive away (just $1000 more for the automatic) and for this, you get a bigger car than the Fiesta, satellite navigation, Sync 2 and a bigger engine with great fuel efficiency.  If you are most interested in a fun and dynamic drive and you don’t mind a 3 door vehicle, the Ford Fiesta ST is a terrific little pocket rocket that will have you grinning from ear to ear every time you drive it.

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