The Ford Falcon has had a terrific run and now the all new Ford Mondeo is on the starting grid and is set to fly.

Fully imported, with its European styling, superb fit and finish and intelligent technology, Mondeo makes every journey feel special and when you experience the luxurious and sophisticated Ford Mondeo you will understand why Mondeo is now ready to fill the #1 sedan spot in the Ford line-up. .

Classy, yet powerful, the design of the Mondeo is alive with details, from the cutting-edge interiors to the first-class exterior fit and finish. You will welcome winter thanks to the dual heated front seats and automatic LED headlights that will make you glad it gets dark earlier at this time of the year as the headlights adapt to every situation on the road.

You’ve done the hard yards. It’s time to enjoy the good things in life. Mondeo is smarter than smart, brim full of Ford tech ready to make your drive effortless  and fun.

You’ll love the easy to navigate Touchscreen and media hub. The 8-inch touchscreen lets you set-up your SYNC™ 2 phone, music and climate settings to suit you.

Two USB ports, an SD card slot and RCA port, mean you can also edit the screen’s wallpaper using a photo you’ve just taken.

No need to choose between power and fuel economy when you can have both. Whether you select the turbocharged 2.0L EcoBoost petrol engine or the refined 2.0L TDCi diesel engine, you don’t have to compromise. You’ll have greater stability and control, so you can worry less. Inside and out, Mondeo is a drivers car.

The Mondeo is also a family car with a huge priority on passenger protection. As well as seven airbags throughout the vehicle, the Ford Mondeo has brand new safety tech including inflatable rear seatbelts which spread the force of a crash over an area 5 times larger than standard seat belts which makes a huge difference with children in particular.

In the unlikely event a serious collision does occur, (serious enough to activate your airbags), the fuel pump will shut off and SYNC™ 2 will automatically call emergency services with your GPS coordinates to reduce the time needed for help to arrive.

Speaking of SYNC™ 2, voice-activated Sat Nav & Climate Control now puts your voice in control so your hands can stay on the wheel where they are needed most. Simple voice commands allow  both driver and passenger to set and maintain their optimal temperature, while the voice-activated navigation system combines GPS technology and 3D mapping to guide you to your destination.

Available as a Hatch or Wagon, test drive the Ford Mondeo Ambiente, Trend or Titanium today to uncover your new Ford family sedan experience.

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