The new generation Ford Ranger has been a huge success since it’s launch and now after almost 5 years of motoring and millions of miles this iconic ute is no sign of fatigue.

Ford Ranger remains a favourite amongst leisure seekers and business owners of all kinds and the 2016 Ranger is better than ever. It’s comfortable, well priced and packed to the gills with technology to keep you safe and make your work day easier and your play time more enjoyable.

This week, we follow the story of Chris Gill from Bago Real Estate as he revisits why he loves his 2014 Ford Ranger and why he is likely going to upgrade to the new Ford Ranger. Chris’ business is in Rural NSW so his Ranger sees a bit more dirt than most. He actually originally purchased the Ranger to tow a huge caravan and by all reports, the Ranger ate it up.

Coming up on three years of ownership, it’s time for an update but Chris reckons he will be sticking with the Ranger – after all, if you are onto a good thing…


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