The new 2016 Ford Focus has seen some interesting changes in the model designed to increase the value proposition to both returning buyers and new car buyers alike. The good news under the hood is a brand new Ecoboost 1.5l turbo charged engine which is now standard across the range.

The Ecoboost engine is a new generation 3 cylinder turbo that makes for a lightweight engine with less internal friction resulting in incredible fuel efficiency. Because the engine weighs less, it needs less energy to move the car forward and with one less cylinder, it uses less petrol, requires less oil and builds up less heat so it is much more efficient all round.

2016 also sees a return to smooth for the Ford Focus. The new engine is matched to a new 6 speed automatic gearbox setup that replaces the outgoing dual clutch setup in the 2015 Ford Focus. The new gearbox is buttery smooth and smoothness is one of the key things that Focus buyers have loved about the model since the beginning.

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