Words: Paddy McCann

Ford’s Baby SUV, the Ford Ecosport is a delightful city car that offers a high driving position for better visibility coupled with impressive handling and equipment levels that make it a joy to drive. Combine this with a low up front purchase price and you might be excused for wondering where the ‘catch’ is.

Manufactures of printers have long been suspected of making their money ‘through the ink’ but this is not the case with Ford and their diminutively priced Baby SUV.

When you are calculating total cost of ownership for any vehicle, service costs and running costs must also be taken into account.  Thanks to Ford’s new vehicle service calculator (http://www.ford.com.au/service/calculator), calculating service costs on the Ford Ecosport is a cinch.

A quick entry of the model and variant into the calculator quickly returns a life of ownership service schedule for the Ford Ecosport that offers time based service intervals 12 months apart or a kilometre based option at every 15,000 kilometres.

Ford engineers have worked hard to make the service and maintenance of the Ford Ecosport as convenient and cost effective as possible and one would have to agree, a once-yearly visit to the service centre with the possibility of a loan vehicle, subject to availability, is a pretty sweet deal.

The service costs themselves are pretty well fixed price with the cost for the first three visits (15k, 30k and 45k intervals) stated as $230 per visit + extra consumables.

‘Consumables’ are priced separately as these will vary from owner to owner – things like brake pads, brake fluid, coolant and tyres which don’t wear equally – but everything is clearly linked and documented for complete transparency which is quite remarkable.

So what about Ford Ecosport fuel costs? The 1.5l is what most people will buy and this engine returned a very respectable combined cycle of 6.5l/100 on the official test which measures such things. For the hands on driver, there is also a punchier turbo charged 1.0l engine offered in manual only format which has a combined cycle of  5.7l/100. Nice!

With the figures and links above you have all you need to discover how affordable it is to own a brand new Ford Ecosport and with this baby SUV, that cost is very small indeed! Great work Ford!

City Ford says YES! More Often!


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